This Site is all about thought, ideas and most importantly about innovation. We will try to get to the truth. We attempt to show the truth and the reality. Our message is simple. To get to reality of everything we do and try not to introduce fantasy. Our philosophy in our ideas is to always ask questions. The questions we will ask is how can we get to truth? It is hard to observe and not be objective. How do we try not to introduce any preconceptions?

Science is the foundation of everything. So we understand that it is all that there is. Science is the mechanism to explain the world around us and if we do not know something, will say we do not know or find something to point us in the right direction. So let us learn together. Hopefully it will spark something!!

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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with any site or sells any product to promote any company. At the present time this site attempts to shed some light on the ideas of the owner of this site. You as viewer of this should not take anything especially this site at it's word. The point of science is to take the claims presented and test them for yourself to confirm or deny them.

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